How a MACD Algorithm and Simulated Reality can Influence a Romantic Relationship

Have you ever considered applying a MACD trend-following momentum algorithm to your romantic relationship? I know it sounds crazy, but maybe not?

Philosophy, physics, psychology, biology and other disciplines used to be considered distinct areas of study. However, with the scientific advances of the last century, maybe they’re not.

Quantum physics broke reality with the double-slit experiment and opened our eyes to an exquisite video game like reality thus asking the question, is simulated reality a possibility?

The Possibility of Simulated Reality

In her article Are We Living In A Computer Simulation? Clara Moskowitz explains that the wave function of elementary particles (and not so elementary structures) reveal a stunning coincidence to pixel rendering techniques employed in computer graphics and video games.

Scientific theories organized into a family tree, extract from ‘The mathematical universe’ by Max Tegmark.

The fundamental particles that constitute the entire matter in the universe, me, you, the methane ocean of Titan, and even a majestic peacock are the same:

Fundamental particles according to the standard model.

These particles do not ‘exist’ until you observe them, much like the pixelated texture of Doom 2. You will need to get close enough to  see them actually materialize. Meaning, before observation they’re a mere probability distribution which could be anywhere in the universe (of course the probability of being where ‘they really are’ is much higher). Why does the universe do that? Doesn’t it sound like CPU optimization?

Doom 2, great game!

Max Tegmark, author of the Mathematical Universe Hypothesis, claims that mathematics is not a tool to study the nature of reality, but the essence of reality itself.

Think of the elementary particles as bits of a quantum supercomputer. With a handful of rules and enough Qubits, someone else could be simulating our reality, but why would they do that? Maybe scientific research, or just for fun.. Who knows?!

In this case, that universe would be beyond our comprehension.

So with that in mind, human consciousness, intelligence and emotions could be pieces of code as well! AI is the proof that this idea is not absurd.

Current biologic inspired technology is part of everyday life. For example, deep learning (form of neural networks inspired by how neurons work), genetic algorithms (Darwin law inspired optimization technique), and the swarm algorithm (method based on the movement of insects/birds swarms).

So yes, I think we should try out a trend detection algorithm on our partners and capture those hidden mathematical patterns that, at times, cause us so much misery.

The MACD Algorithm

The MACD – Moving Average Converging Divergent is a simple algorithm used to study time series (such as the amount of time that you spend with your partner).

Simply put, it’s an indicator which can be calculated by subtracting 2 averages (with different windows, like 1 and 2 weeks).

The average with the narrower window is called the ‘fast average’ and represents the short-term trend of the time series. The wider window is called the ‘slow average’ and represents the long-term trend.

As you can see on the chart below, when this index crosses the X axis, it signalizes that the direction of the long-term trend is about to change.

MACD applied to stock trading.

How the MACD method influences a romantic relationship

Most people can become love blind when they’re dating or in a relationship. Detecting these trends can help you understand what is going on, while most importantly, how you should act.

You could always ask your friend for advice, who you see 2 times a week, but I imagine that this person doesn’t have all of the facts – unless it’s an obvious situation.

HeartVisor calculates the MACD of 3 metrics: time together, effort and new experiences. Ideally, you don’t want to over-do nor lack in any of these metrics. For example: when you start dating someone, seeing this person too much can make you look too attainable and she/he may lose interest.

As your relationship evolves, the couple will naturally spend more time together and the algorithm will learn this new pattern. If a sudden negative variation in time together happens, that could indicate a problem.

Similarly, the MACD also tracks variation in effort and new experiences. The effort index is the ratio of how much time each individual invests in each other. While the new experiences, is the ratio between how much time the couple spends inside v.s. outside.

I hope you had fun reading one of the craziest articles from the internet. Quantum physics, simulated reality, Doom 2, MACD and romance. 

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