Top 5 Indispensable Apps for Couples

top 5 apps for couples
Dating can be difficult, whether you are brand new to a relationship or you’ve been trekking through this crazy life together for quite some time. Each relationship faces its highs and lows, and hopefully a lot more highs than lows. Sometimes we don’t always know what to say or do in certain situations or we feel like we are putting in the effort while the other person isn’t. To aid in maintaining a happy balance in your relationship, below are the 5 most indispensable apps for couples that you need to download. I mean it, start clicking on them and USE them.

HeartVisor: Your Relationship Advisor

HeartVisor is a free app for couples who want to understand if they are living a balanced relationship. The app provides insights into their romantic relationship with data that is generated throughout everyday life. It automatically detects when a couple is together and apart and analyzes the time spent. Once the app processes this data it will offer the couple accurate charts and helpful tips, in the form of notifications, originated from each person’s activity within the relationship! This allows the couple to better understand any discrepancies in the relationship and to work together to address them.

Download HeartVisor

Honeydue: Budget, Bills & Money for Couples

Whether the man covers dinner, and the lady pays for the Uber home, Honeydue is the app to make sure the couple is spending their money wisely! This app provides a suite of features to help couples maintain and budget their spending. It allows couples to set monthly allowances, divide the amount to be shared, notifies when bills are due, and keeps track of who is spending what and where! Honeydue offers easy set up to bank accounts so that each person in the relationship has quick reference to the current balance!

Download Honeydue

Between: Private Couples App

Between is the app for couples who will forever remain in the cupcake stage. It is a private messaging app that allows couples to share texts, photos, videos, and GIF selfies. Best of all, it automatically saves every cheesy conversation or goofy photo sent even if switching to a new phone! Between also offers a feature that allows couples to schedule special calendar events and will start a countdown to the day of.

Download Between

Groupon: Shop Deals, Discounts & Coupons

I know, I am sure you’re thinking how does Groupon work as an app for couples? Let me ask, how often do you take your person out on exciting new experiences to places neither of you have gone? Not often enough! Download Groupon and start finding deals, discounts and coupons that will take you places you both have yet to go! Try cooking classes of food you have never heard of, maybe music festival tickets to a venue you have never seen, or if you share a cat, a cat hammock where you can watch your favorite dude or dudette lounge around for hours in complete adorableness (you’re welcome).

Download Groupon

Netflix & Uber Eats

Okay, so technically this is two apps, so what! This dual combo will satisfy any couple’s hunger, entertainment and cuddle session, while also slowly decaying their lives through nine episodes of Stranger Things!  Nevertheless, some intimate time together over drinks, food, and movies is a great way to wind down and vibe out with your favorite person!

Download Netflix & Uber Eats

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