Machine learning helping you understand your relationship

What Is HeartVisor

HeartVisor is an app for couples that automatically detects when you’re with your partner and analyzes how you spend time together.


Understand your relationship without the interference of your emotions.


Receive advice from a source that comprehends your relationship.


Your personal information is protected using an AES encryption algorithm.


New Experiences

Relationships can get comfortable, and with that follows boredom. I’m not saying that cuddling under a blanket and enjoying your favorite show together is a bad thing, but don’t forget to keep learning new things about one another; and the perfect way to do that is by venturing out on new experiences! HeartVisor tracks the amount of time being spent outside versus the time spent inside and advises the users when they start to get too predictable.


Time Together

Track trends in how much time you spend with your significant other. Sudden variations of this metric indicate that your relationship is changing, either maturing or weakening.


Have you stopped to ask yourself how often you are traveling to see your partner versus how often they are coming to see you? It does not matter if you have a dog or a roommate, HeartVisor learns your relationship dynamics and tracks the variation of this ratio.


Have you ever felt that something is up, but then you thought: “I’m probably being paranoid, everything’s fine”? This is over. HeartVisor gives you an objective perspective on what’s really happening in your romantic life.

HeartVisor employs a state-of-the-art trend-following momentum indicator to predict changes in your relationship. The MACD is largely used in stock trading to predict market trends.


Believe me, I have tested on my ex-girlfriend, and it worked.

F. C., Co-founder and CEO of HeartVisor


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